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Visual Storyteller Sterling Hawkins is having fun & doesn't belief life should be boring

Visual Storyteller Sterling Hawkins of Sönder People

Sterling Hawkins

Visual Storyteller. I create stories that uses dark concepts to make beautiful images.

Astrological sign

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I am a afternoon person

Tea or coffee drinker? 
I love black tea with a lot of heavy cream and coffee!

Photography by Sterling Hawkins of Sönder People

We’re food lovers - name a dish you love. We love a recipe share too!
I am really into cauliflower rice. Its not really too fancy but, it taste slightly like a risotto and goes great with any main dish

What is the best advice you have ever received? 
Best advice: have fun. Literally check in with yourself and ask yourself this question several times over in life. Life shouldn't be boring.

Worst advice: Get a normal job. For me it's all about exploring what you enjoy. Though if you do enjoy stability I think you should ignore it. I feel people should be doing what makes them happy and be the best at whatever you do.

Our first collection was named after streets we’ve lived on and loved. What’s a street or city you’ve loved and why?
I love Alamo Square. It's not really a space but a park that is extremely calming. (There's also a fenceless dog park)

What are you listening to lately? 
I listen to Lo-Fi music or meditation music. I'm typically editing on my computer or working on a production so I need some form of relaxation in my life.

Whose style inspires you?
I honestly would love to create my own line that is inspired by bridal but is everyday wear.

Photography by Sterling Hawkins of Sönder People

What are you watching or seen lately that you loved?
I've been recently watching The Boys and Broad City. Both are on opposite sides of the spectrum but are interesting in their own way.

What’s inspiring you lately?
Living in the Marina neighborhood in San Francisco has really helped me visualize the type of mansion I'm looking forward to owning one day. There are a lot of gorgeous houses and spaces in the Marina.

Who should we be following? 
You should be following @itchban he is one of my favorite photographer/ graphic artist. He travels Japan and takes gorgeous photos of the places and people in visits in the best way possible.

What’s an upcoming project you are excited about?
I am going to be doing a men's shoot that will involve A LOT of dripping gold. I'm pretty excited by what I will be creating

Where can we find you? 
Yea! My instagram is @sonder.people and if you like it, like it. I am learning my own way towards my own art style and it has really been a fun process. I have met so many people through the experience and it crazy how far i've come in four months.

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