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Guerriers Founder Megan Jinnah is a total Cancer who follows her own path

Megan Jinnah in at her home

Megan Jinnah

Founder of Guerriers

Astrological sign
Cancer (and I totally am)
Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Morning person for sure!

Tea or coffee drinker? 

We’re food lovers - name a dish you love. We love a recipe share too!
I made these spicy steak lettuce wraps a couple weeks ago and it’s now on our weekly rotation!

What is the best advice you have ever received? What’s the worst?
Best advice, Be Happy. It’s simple but super important.
Worst advice.. Hmm, not really advice but I once had a boss tell me “what he says goes”. It obviously didn’t sit well with me for a number of reasons!

Megan Jinnah in black sweater at her home

Our first collection was named after streets we’ve lived on and loved. What’s a street or city you’ve loved and why?
New York City. I moved there in 2002 and made the move to the suburbs after our son was born in 2019. When I moved to New York, I thought I’d be there 5 years max but it became home.. I love the edge, individuality, and energy - it’s such a special place.

What are you listening to lately? 
I start the day with The Daily from the New York Times, then music. I try to get in podcasts when I can throughout - Business of Fashion and How I Built This are played regularly and I love Armchair Expert when I am driving/have a solid amount of time

Whose style inspires you?
I don’t follow celebrity fashion in a big way. That said, I do think Zoe Kravitz, Kate Lanphear, and Nicole Richie have great style - while super stylish, they never look like they’re trying too hard. That’s key to me, having worked in fashion for so many years, I’ve always felt it’s not about wearing the “it” brand, it’s about making an outfit your own.

What are you watching or seen lately that you loved?
My husband and I are finally watching The Last Dance and I’m totally into it

Megan Jinnah in sitting in chair

What’s inspiring you lately?
Since starting Guerriers, I’ve been introduced to (or reconnected with) so many cool, super motivated, and creative women which has been so inspiring and fun.

Who should we be following?
Humans of New York, The Satorialist, Overheard New York, Sophia Roe - love her style, recipes, openness, and honesty

What’s an upcoming project you are excited about?
Guerriers just launched in July, so I’m pretty focused on that and excited to learn about the community as well as seeing some of the new pieces that will be arriving soon!

Where can we find you? 
What’s an upcoming project you are excited about?
Don’t compare, it’s not worth it - we are all on our own path!


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