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Deana Thornton, President & Founder of Thornton Digital

Deana Thornton

Deana Thornton

I am the Founder & President of Thornton Digital, a results driven full-service consulting agency for businesses that are looking to compete, evolve and win within the online space.

Astrological sign
Capricorn, the best sign there is! We are focused, determined and natural go-getters, which directly aligns with who I am as a person :).

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Being a single mom, working a full-time job and growing my own business, these days I am both a morning person and a night owl.

Tea or coffee drinker? 
Neither. I am more of a green smoothie type of girl.

We’re food lovers - name a dish you love. We love a recipe share too!
I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland so I love anything with crab in it. Over the summer, seafood boils were my thing. Here’s a really great recipe that I also shared with friends.

What is the best advice you ever received? What is the worst?
Best advice: To this day, I credit my mom (who passed from colon cancer when I was 25) for providing me with very profound advice as a kid that has helped me also navigate life as an adult. I think as soon as I could talk, my mother instilled in me to never say the word “can’t”. It was kind of a curse word in our household. I didn’t understand it then but this seemingly small command has had such a profound impact in my life and has led to my mentality that there is truly nothing that I can not do.

Worst advice: Hmmmm….worst advice I have received was to not rock the boat. As a woman, we are often told to not be as opinionated but this is advice that I definitely never took heed of lol. If I feel strongly about something, I will always voice my opinion on behalf of myself and others that might lack the courage and/or authority at the time.

Our first collection was named after streets we’ve lived on and loved. What’s a street or city you’ve loved and why?
Rockrose is the street where my grandmother lived and I spent a large portion of my childhood playing outside. As I get older, these are moments that I truly cherish and hold dear to my heart.

What are you listening to lately? 
I currently am really into podcasts, particularly The Code Switch podcast (ig: thecodeswitchpodcast). It is extremely relevant in today’s climate and focuses on issues that three black women face working in corporate America.

Whose style inspires you?
I like any style that is timeless. My motto in style is less is more. I like to wear styles that serve as a whimsical backdrop to my natural beauty. That is why I love Noyette!

Deana Thornton

What are you watching or seen lately that you loved?
This series is a bit heavy but I loved the new HBO series “I May Destroy You”. I don’t watch much TV but I binge watched this series in 2 days. Definitely a must see!

What’s inspiring you lately?
The pandemic we are currently in has actually inspired me to continue to push forward with the things that I want to achieve in life. The last few months have definitely been a reminder of how fragile life really is and the importance of not wasting time on things that do not push you into the direction of your purpose. I truly want to live a purpose-filled life so I am currently on that journey to get there in a more substantial way.

Who should we be following? 
I read mostly e-commerce industry stuff *eek sorry not sorry*.

What’s an upcoming project you are excited about?
I am really excited about the recent launch of my consulting agency and being about to translate my passion and expertise into strategies to help entrepreneurs and businesses achieve success within the online space!

Where can we find you? 
Personal IG: itsdeanajoy
Business IG: thorntondigital
Business website:

Any last words you'd like to share?
I really love your brand and what it stands for - it is definitely a reflection of our need as women to listen more to our inner self instead of pysching ourselves out of doing something that we are called to do. So many of us including myself have said “not yet”when an idea continues to nudge us. Thoughts come to our mind & heart for a reason and it’s not about waiting until things are’s about executing on an idea and then continuing to refine from there!








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