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Amber LaFrance is the President of CultureHype and believes in people using their platforms for good

Amber LaFrance President + Executive Publicist of CultureHype

Amber LaFrance

President of CultureHype

Astrological sign
Taurus sun, Gemini rising

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Neither! I had to train myself to wake up early. I would say morning now because I like the quiet time I have before everyone wakes up.

Tea or coffee drinker? 
Coffee! I love trying new coffees & supporting local roasters around Dallas & where I live in Oak Cliff. I can't function without a cup of coffee from my Chemex in the a.m. My bf turned me onto cappuccinos a few years ago so I treat myself to those from time to time too!

Amber LaFrance of CultureHype

We’re food lovers - name a dish you love. We love a recipe share too!
I am a total foodie! My fav dishes at the moment are two that I love to make with my boyfriend, who lives in Austin. We call one "love curry," which is a recipe we found online for Chicken Tikka Masala that we make all the time with garlic naan bread & homemade Aloo Gobi. Here's the recipe: I also love his roast chicken (he cooks like his English grandma!) though I'm not sure he'll share the recipe! I do know he likes to stuff herbs under the chicken skin & salt so it's crispy & flavorful. I don't really help with that one, just sit back & relax! When I post this to Instagram, all of my girlfriends remind me to keep him around.

Our first collection was named after streets we’ve lived on and loved. What’s a street or city you’ve loved and why?
I love living in Bishop Arts and Bishop St. I moved here to live near the square because I loved visiting the small businesses and restaurants that make it so unique.

CultureHype President Amber LaFrance

What are you listening to lately? 
Our team has been bumping early 2000's pop in the office lately! I've been feeling really nostalgic with 90's inspired jewelry I've been making for my new Bead Babe shop on Etsy, watching 90's and early 2000's movies (mostly rom coms and comforting things), and listening to things I used to listen to as a teen.

Whose style inspires you?
I follow so many Scandinavian and UK influencers! Lately, I've been loving the bright, happy outfits @nnennaechem has been gracing my feed with! I found her by reading my fav fashion blog, Who What Wear UK.

Amber LaFrance with flowers

What are you watching or seen lately that you loved?
PEN15 is literally the funniest thing I've seen in a while. If you were a teen in the 90's and early 2000's you will cringe and cry laughing.

What’s inspiring you lately?
The connectivity that COVID-19 has created online. While it's been dumpster fire of a year, I am happy to see people using their platforms for good, even if it's just creating a relatable Corona meme that makes me smile and makes me realize that we're all going through this together.

Who should we be following? 
@jeremiahonifade has been an artist I've worked with for a while now and I truly believe in his message and work. He has been through so much, fleeing Nigeria during a religious war, but he is the most positive, driven person I know.

CultureHype Office

What’s an upcoming project you are excited about?
We're about to launch some new items with our client Venny Etienne! He's a Haitian-American designer from Brooklyn who's now based in Dallas. We were a part of his "Black Is King" campaign when he designed a jacket for Beyonce's important, gorgeous video and I can't wait to see what he creates next!

Where can we find you? 
@amberlafrance or @culture_hype on Instagram, or email me at

Any last words you'd like to share?
Thank you for having me! I love what your brand represents and am a big fan of any woman going after her dreams and doing something different, it's not the easiest path but it's the most important.



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